Call for Consultancy to develop Mimi Na Elimu Policy Brief

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Tanzania is one of the beneficiaries of Global Partnership for Education Sector Development grant aimed at improving education delivery systems and quality to achieve education for all. One of the focus areas in education has been improving teaching and learning of 3Rs. Numeracy Education Support Programme (LANES) is one of the programmes under GPE support whose key result is Improved Basic Skills in Literacy and Numeracy for children aged 5 – 13 years.

Realization of LANES goals require concerted efforts of key stakeholders including CSOs. The government of Tanzania acknowledges the important role CSOs play in shaping the education sector in Tanzania and therefore, the involvement of CSOs in implementation of LANES was identified as a key component towards realization of LANES Programme goals. In this regard TEN/MET will Prepare and disseminate ‘Mimi na Elimu’ popular briefs publications to complement improvement of Basic Skills in Literacy and Numeracy.  TENMET will prepare popular publication and disseminate to citizens. The popular publications will mostly present the role of parents in improving literacy and numeracy skills at school and home with targeted messaging.

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TOR MimiNaElimuBrief


MOEST Performance Report 2018 Draft 15.9.2018 for circulation