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Fourth Community of Practice for Learner-Centred Education

The Fourth Community of Practice for Learner-Centred Education took place in Dar es Salaam from December 14th to 16th, 2011. The venue was the Blue Pearl Hotel. Forty-five participants spent the three days discussing means and modes of implementing Learner-Centred education in Tanzania. This is a challenge in an environment hitherto practised only in teacher-centred education.

The papers are available at the download links below in PDF format. Some presenters came with Power Point presentations, and others gave Word documents. The presentations are arranged alphabetically below, by author's last name.




Third Community of Practice for Learner-Centred Education

Third Community of Practice on Learner-Centred Education

TEN/MET, in conjunction with OXFAM GB, Tanzania, facilitated the Third Annual Conference on Learner-Centred Education, which was held at the Tanzania Episcopal Conference grounds, in Kurasini, Dar es Salaam, from November 24th through November 26th, 2010. Approximately 60 delegates attended representing Government, education professionals, and other education stakeholders.

The aims and objectives of the conference were three-fold:

  1. Create a more focused understanding of concepts and practices in learner-centred education
  2. Share information and experiences in policy and practice issues around learner-centred education
  3. Suggest possibilities and strategies for improvement.

The overall theme of the Conference was “Moving towards education for relevant meanings”. It had the following sub-themes:

  1. Conceptualization of learner-centred and competence-based education
  2. Practices and possibilities in teacher education in relation to learner-centred education
  3. Practices and innovations in schools
  4. Assessment of learner-centred education
  5. Writing texts for enhancing understanding and practice of learner-centred education

The Conference Report touched on the following:

  • Ideas and key messages generated to inform planning for bringing change in the delivery of education
  • Declaration and recommendations to MOEVT on what needs to be done to improve teaching and learning
  • Recommendations

Outcomes were:

  • Improve understanding of teaching and learning approaches and how they affect the delivery of education in Tanzania
  • Strategies to influence change in policy and practice in the Tanzanian education sector, towards learner-centred education

The Conference’s Target Audience included:

  • Government officials involved in teacher education and planning policy
  • TEN/MET members
  • Teachers in schools and teacher trainers (field evidence based)
  • Regional (Provincial) representation to be considered
  • Academics, learners and teachers, tutors
  • Education stakeholders
  • Education officers
  • Inspectors
  • Curriculum developers
  • CSOs working in education

The following papers were presented Click a title of interest to download.

Presenters and Titles:

Dr. John Massawe
Dr. Orestes Kapinga
Dr. R. W. Chediel
Dr. Septimi Kitta
Dr. Wilberforce Meena
Dr. Wilberforce Meena
M. P. Kafumu



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