Child Protection Forum Morogoro

A one-day National Advocacy Forum on child protection was held in Morogoro on June 20 2012. This Forum was attended by the ANCEFA Regional Projects Coordinator, a representative from the Ministry of Education (Special education), a representative from the Ministry of Community Development for gender and children, CARE International, a representative from the Children’s Book Project, representatives from TEN/MET’s BOD and Secretariat, and representatives from organizations for the disabled. The Morogoro Regional Administrative Secretary was represented by the Education Officer. The TENMET coordinator was also present, as were parents with disabled children, and their children.

The Protection of Children’s Education Rights in Africa Project was instrumental in raising policy issues regarding ETP and specifically on clauses of inclusiveness, gender parity, access, equity, and quality of education as well as teaching and learning environment to marginalized and children with disabilities. There has been strong energy and teamwork on implementing the project despite the limited timeframe. The SAWA/TEN/MET partnership has proved the strength of members’ capacity to implement projects, with minimal support from the Secretariat. 


Protection of Children’s Education Rights in Africa Report

The Protection of Children’s Education Rights in Africa Report, written jointly by ANCEFA and TEN/MET, is now available on the website at this link.


Newsletter Issues 21 & 22

Due to an oversight, Newsletter Issues 21 & 22 were not loaded onto the website. This has now been rectified and they may be downloaded from the usual newsletter page, or here (21) and here (22).

Education & Training Policy

The latest Swahili draft of the 2012 Education and Training Policy is now available on the TEN/MET website at the following links:


UNICEF Violence against Children Publication

Now available on the TEN/MET website.

Violence Against Children in Tanzania

Findings from a National Survey 2009 by: United Nations Children’s Fund, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences




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