TEN/MET website to allow comments

We wish to remind website readers that approved users of the TEN/MET website may now post comments on education issues currently under public discussion. For the present this ability will be honoured for TEN/MET members only. Users may ask for a member account by sending an email to "info@tenmet.org", identifying themselves, and asking for an account to be opened. You will receive instructions by return email.

Members' new websites

Two of our members have changed their website addresses. The revised complete list is available by clicking on the "Links" item in the main menu at left, then on "Members' Links".

DFID Education Position Paper Available

The UK Department for International Development Education Position Paper for 2013 is now available for download at this link, or from the Publications Link in the menu on the left of this page.

TEN/MET's Resource Centre now available

TEN/MET is pleased to announce that our new Resource Centre is now open and available to visiting researchers and scholars. The collection, housed in our fully catalogued library, consists of 573 volumes on education issues in Tanzania. An electronic version of the catalogue is available on our computers. Visitors are free to read items in the collection (however, not to borrow) during our normal office hours of 8am to 330pm, weekdays Monday to Friday. Coffee and tea are available. Karibu sana!

Sweden and Tanzania: 50 Years of Cooperation


Development Cooperation between Sweden and Tanzania 1963-2013: Celebrating 50 years

On December 5, 2013 Sida Sweden held a cultural fair at the House of Culture in the National Museum in Dar es Salaam. TEN/MET was invited to participate with two tables displaying publications over the years. Activities were scheduled throughout the day. These included:

  • A Market place showcasing work by Tanzanian, Swedish, and international organizations through the day until 5pm
  • Youth space in the library with Femina, a TEN/MET member
  • story telling for children with Tanzanian children's author John Kilaka
  • A workshop with Dar es Salaam Dance
  • A showing in the theatre of the documentary film Chanjo ya Rushwa (Vaccination against Corruption)
  • A photographic exhibition of his work in Tanzania by the Swedish photographer Jens Assur
  • discussions and debates in the theatre:
    1. on the need to transition from Aid-funded development to responsible business
    2. youth as agents of change
    3. a debate on press freedom
    4. a debate on open and transparent government
    5. a dance performance by the DDI dancers of Strindberg's Little Ghost Sonata (set to dance)
  • an evening recital by Leo and the Swahili Blues Band


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