TEN/MET's Annual Report 2012-13

TEN/MET's Annual Report for 2012 -2013 is now available on the website at this link.

TEN/MET engages New CSEF Project Officer

TEN/MET is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Patricia Mollel as the new Project Officer for the Civil Society Education Fund. The CSEF Officer will lead in the implementation and management of the Project. This will include, but not be limited to initiation and implementation of capacity building initiatives for TEN/MET Members, thereby building their internal capacity to work on policy issues, lobbying and advocacy. She will also run the full monitoring and evaluation component that is built in to the Project.

TEN/MET website to allow comments

We wish to remind website readers that approved users of the TEN/MET website may now post comments on education issues currently under public discussion. For the present this ability will be honoured for TEN/MET members only. Users may ask for a member account by sending an email to "info@tenmet.org", identifying themselves, and asking for an account to be opened. You will receive instructions by return email.

Members' new websites

Two of our members have changed their website addresses. The revised complete list is available by clicking on the "Links" item in the main menu at left, then on "Members' Links".

DFID Education Position Paper Available

The UK Department for International Development Education Position Paper for 2013 is now available for download at this link, or from the Publications Link in the menu on the left of this page.


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