GAW 2014 wrap up in Tanga

Global Action Week wrapped up in Tanga last Saturday, May 10. The theme for this year was "Equal Right, Equal Opportunity: Education and Disability ". The full report has now been published at this link on the TEN/MET website. Below is a representative sample of photographs taken in the course of the GAW events at Tanga.

In addition, past GAW reports for 2012 and 2013, which were wiped out in last November's disk crash are now available on the Publications page.

GAW in Tanga 2014 in pictures
Pupil enjoying the music at Prayer ground
Pongowe Primary teacher of the blind
Classroom for the Deaf
TEN/MET Coordinator explaining a point to GOH
Ear-screening room
Launching the march for GAW
G of Honour examines books exhibited
GOH Speech
Continuing the march
Student Paulina singing
Preparing for the meeting
Pupils singing
Pupils at Kisosora
Pupils at Mabanda
Pupils with disabilities enjoying refreshments
SHIVYAWATA Chair arrives
Std 7 deaf-mute pupils
Waiting for transport to visit communities



Global Campaign for Education 2014

Letter from the Global Campaign for Education:

As you may already be aware, the EFA-GMR team has been running an online
discussion with teachers around the world every Tuesday using Twitter.
During Global Action Week, #TeacherTuesday is being dedicated to education
and disability, and Siti, a teacher from Indonesia who works teaching
children with disabilities, will be the person answering questions at 9am
GMT, Tuesday 6 May. To take part in the discussion, please follow
@EFAreport or You can ask questions or just view the discussion. I have attached an image we will be using to advertise the
chat - please feel free to share this on your social networks.

We have now added a large number of statements for members and supporters
of the campaign to use on Twitter. We will be sharing these with the full
GCE supporter database, and we hope you can all forward these to your own
networks. These can be found here:

We have added three photo images with campaign messages which can be shared easily on Facebook - scroll down the page until after the Twitter messages. Again, please feel free to send these to your own networks

*Your photos: Flickr*
We are keen for members to share their images of Global Action Week with
us! If you want to send us your images of Global Action Week activities,
please email them to with the title of the
photo as the title of your email. Please do not put any text in the body of
the email unless you want it to show as part of the description of the
photo - so if you do not want your auto-signature to appear, please delete

*Films* We have shared three films on this page which have been produced by
UNESCO, Light for the World and GCE UK. Please feel free to use these as
part of your campaigns.

The EFA-GMR team have provided their latest briefing, which comprises all
data on disability gathered for every GMR, in Spanish and French as well as
English. These are now available here:

Remember, please do keep us updated as to how your Global Action Week
campaigns are going! Email or, if you have
yet to register, use this link to tell us what's happening:

In solidarity
The GCE Secretariat


Member's contact information

Due to a number of enquiries in recent weeks for TEN/MET member contact information, we have put a list of active members on the website. This is an Excel spreadsheet in PDF format, containing the office location of the member organization, the name of the organization, email address, and telephone number. The list will be updated as new member information arrives. The file is available by clicking on this link.

TEN/MET engages new FCS Project Officer

TEN/MET is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Alistidia Kamugisha as the new Project Officer for the Foundation for Civil Society Project, enhancing policy analysis, lobbying and advocacy for equitable access to inclusive quality education. The FCS Officer will lead in the implementation and management of the Project. This will comprise, but not be limited to, initiation and implementation of capacity building initiatives for TEN/MET Members, thereby building their internal capacity to work on policy issues, lobbying, and advocacy. This will also include carrying out policy analysis, reading and critiquing key education policy documents, and providing TEN/MET members with policy-related materials to assist them in their lobbying and campaigning work.

Children's Agenda 2013 Year end Review

TEN/MET's partner, UNICEF coalition Children's Agenda met for its Year end Review for 2013, on Jan 28th & 29th, 2014. The final report is now ready and available on the website at this link.


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