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TEN/MET Literacy & Assessment Statement

TEN/MET in collaboration with OXFAM GB and Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation, recently organized the Conference of the fifth Community of Practice (COP) for Learner Centred Education, and the Sixth Quality Education Conference (QEC).

The Fifth COP, its theme being “Improving Assessment to Enhance Learning” took place from 28th-29th January 2013. The sixth QEC was held from 4th-5th March 2013 with the theme, “Basic Literacy and Numeracy for All”.

These conferences link professionals and help generate ideas to enhance education policies and practices. The two themes were purposefully selected as pertinent issues in discussing quality education in our country.

In the recent years the nation has experienced low learning outcomes in our schools. The situation has escalated to the extent that primary school candidates pass Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) without having basic literacy skills and in the Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (CSEE), the majority of candidates fail in the examinations.

This is an indication that the quality of education in our country is below expectations.

In this regard, TEN/MET is today (March 27, 2013) issuing a statement intended to address the issues of assessment and basic literacy as a solution to enhancing and improving learning outcomes. The best practices and recommendations for implementation have been extracted from the two conferences’ proceedings and outputs.

The full statement in PDF format is available for download at this link.

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