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Available TEN/MET and External Publications

The following publications are available for download from the TEN/MET website. Files with sizes marked "X" reside on external websites, and their size is unknown.

Title Size in MB
AEAI 2012 Annual Report
580 KB
AGAPE Annual Report - 2012
2.95 MB
AGM Report 2012
497 KB
Annual Joint Education Sector Review - 2012
2.93 MB
3.1 MB
Children and Women in Tanzania
2.83 MB
CSO Bunge Exhibitions 2014
806 KB
DFID Education Position Paper - 2013
469 KB
Directory of Education Civil Society Organizations - 2010
1.82 MB
Education and Training Policy 1
1.18 MB
Education and Training Policy 2
49.71 KB
Education and Training Policy 3
130.75 KB
Empowering Civil Society on Education: Commonwealth Education Fund Achievements
Femina Annual Report - 2012
3.1 MB
Femina Midyear Report - 2013
1.84 MB
GAW 2012 Report
1.139 MB
GAW 2013 Report
741 KB
GAW 2014 Report
1.983 MB
Gender Equality in and through Education
284.15 KB
Gender-based violence In Tanzania
400 KB
HakiElimu Half year Report - 2013
397 KB
National Strategic Plan for School Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (SWASH) 2012-2017
475.11 KB
National TVET Monitoring Report for Tanzania
625.26 KB
New Handbook on Child Participation in Parliament from UNICEF
2.77 MB
Primary Education Development Program III
1.24 MB
Protection of Children’s Education Rights in Africa Report written jointly by ANCEFA and TEN/MET
602 KB
QEC 2014 Final Report
348 KB
285 KB
Save the Children - 2012
345 KB
Simple Guide to Working with Finances in Education
342 KB
2.2 MB
Tanzanian Children's Perceptions of Education and their Role in Society: Views of the Children - 2007
TEN/MET Annual Report 2003-2004
79 KB
TEN/MET Annual Report 2005-2006
1.43 MB
TEN/MET Annual Report 2007-2008
1.52 MB
TEN/MET Annual Report 2008-2009
915 KB
TEN/MET Annual Report 2009-2010
1.12 MB
TEN/MET Annual Report 2010-2011
1.36 MB
TEN/MET Annual Report 2011-2012
1.21 MB
TEN/MET Annual Report 2012-2013
1.15 MB
TEN/MET Baseline Study on Promoting Early Childhood Care in Tanzania
261 KB
TEN/MET Members' Partnership Principles
430 KB
TEN/MET Millennium Development Goals Issues Paper
145 KB
TEN/MET Position Paper on Child Protection
635 KB
TEN/MET's Constitution
118 KB
TEN/MET's New Colour Overview Brochure
497 KB
TEN/MET's New Members' Charter
670 KB
Transforming Policy and Practice: A Guide to Education Advocacy in Tanzania
14.77 MB
UNICEF Adolescence in Tanzania 2011
2.8 MB
1.7 MB
UNICEF Children's Agenda Advocacy Toolkit: Guidance on how to effectively advocate for children's rights in Tanzania
3 MB
UNICEF Children's Agenda Booklet (English
1.3 MB
UNICEF Children's Agenda Booklet (Swahili
1.3 MB
UNICEF Children's Agenda Budgeting for Children in Tanzania: A Guide for Civil Society Organizations
826 KB
UNICEF Children's Agenda Mid-Year Review Sept. 2013
730 KB
UNICEF Children's Agenda Year end Review 2014
2 MB
2.9 MB
476 KB
400 KB
Waraka wa msimamo: Hali ya Kumlinda Mtoto Nchini Tanzania
2.81 MB


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