Tanzania Education Network/Mtandao Wa Elimu Tanzania (TEN/MET)

Physical Address: Plot No. 44, Off Shekilango Road at Africa Sana, Kijitonyama


Contact Person

Coordinator, Mrs. Cathleen Sekwao

P.o Box 13547,

Dar es salaam, Tanzania

Telephone: +255 (0) 22 2775324

Email: coordinator@tenmet.org

Skype: coordinator.tenmet


Find us on Google Map (Please, wait for some few seconds until the map loads)

TEN/MET is located at the red mark shown between Ikoma Park and Tanzania Child Rights Forum

TEN/MET has moved out of its Upanga office and has relocated to Africa Sana area in Kijitonyama. To visit TEN/MET, if coming from the city centre, turn left at Shekilango Road and go as far as Camel Oil on the right. On the left is Corner Bar. Turn down the road that passes Corner Bar and go to the end of that rough road. TEN/MET’s new office is at the end, opposite Children’s Book Project.