1.Formation of a zonal and 15 district networks in Mainland Tanzania. These networks are now engaging in policy advocacy for quality inclusive education across the board.

2.As a result of training in lobbying and policy advocacy, CSOs are now more regularly attending council meetings and influencing decision making processes at district levels for out of school, dropouts due to pregnancies, child marriages in Shinyanga, Singida and Dodoma.

3.TEN/MET advocacy toolkit/guide for engagement in policy dialogue at community level is now being used in Maswa and Arusha region.

4.TEN/MET gets invitation to attend in High Level meetings at national and international levels whose contributions are included in resolutions of MOEVT, DPs, CSOs, Universities, TIE and NECTA. For example, TEN/MET makes a statement in every Annual Joint Education Sector Reviews

5.Our capacity building for our members in fundraising countrywide is showing positive results as members are gradually beginning to raise funds from a range of sources. e.g. Agape, and TEREP in Shinyanga

6.Air accessible school WASH video documentary has strengthened a media campaign to enhance inclusion in schools through strengthening water and sanitation facilities.

7.TEN/MET  position paper on inclusive teaching and learning environments in schools is already producing resulted to stronger stakeholder support  for ITLE

8.TEN/MET pioneered formation of the Tanzania Teacher’s Profession Board (TTPB) in collaboration with Teachers Trade Union (TTU). The government has pledged to prepare a bill towards formation of this body.

9.TEN/MET is now viewed as a CSO Think Tank as a result we are more frequently consulted by the government especially the MOEVT/PMO-RALG, Development Partners, Academia, media and other institutions.

10.As a result of our track record in education, we have permanent representation in local education group and Ministry of Education Science and Technology (MOEST) Dialogue Structures.

11.The Ministry of Education Science and Technology (MOEST) halted change of biases and combinations after our advocacy for engagement of the wider public and review of the market.